I believe that deep down, we are all the same.

I believe that our judgement of others shines a light on what we judge within ourselves.

I believe that acknowledging people is important, and that a simple smile can brighten someone’s day.

I believe our greatest learnings come from our greatest β€œmistakes”.

I believe we all deserve to be loved, and that it starts from within.

I believe that being creative is just as important as producing results.

I believe our intuition is our greatest gift, and that by exercising it we affirm who we are.

I believe in listening to the heart, because it processes information much faster than the mind.

I believe in individuality, and that it’s important to embrace the ways we are unique.

I believe that trying to control things is a way of resisting what is meant for you.

I believe we all have intellectual, emotional and physical reactions to things, and the key is to let them pass.

I believe fear is simply a protective mechanism, and that sometimes it’s over-dramatic.

I believe that listening is a lost art, and that it’s a true luxury to be heard.

I believe that things happen for you, not to you. That there is a lesson hidden in everything.

I believe we are much more critical of ourselves than anyone else sees us to be.

I believe the universe knows what we need in order to grow, and that it will continue pushing the boundaries until we change.