10 things I've learned from writing 2,000 words a day


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1. Interruptions are the enemy. Eating is an inconvenience. Having an internet connection is the worst.

2. I have never felt more intellectually stimulated and exhausted in my entire life. I finish each day feeling drained and completely rejuvenated. It gives me fuel.

3. My attention span holds longer when I work on the floor. And have ambient music playing in the background. Until I find my way back online again.

4. I forgot how much I love a good thesaurus. And how much of a nerd I am. And I love it :)

5. The thing that got me most excited this week was discovering a typewriter app on my phone. Now I write little poems before I go to bed.

6. Itโ€™s possible for something you love to feel like work. Discipline and rigor are important.

7. Reading is helpful but serves as a distraction from the story I already know I want to tell. And need to just get on with telling.

8. I understand now why writers tend to work in solitude. A little cottage out in the woods is sounding quite nice to me right now.

9. The right coffee makes all the difference. I am living off Levity Brew.

10. I donโ€™t know if anyone else will ever read this thing (my book). But thatโ€™s not why Iโ€™m writing it. I just feel called to do it. So thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m gonna do.

Now back to work.


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