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On days like today I don’t even know what to do. I feel pain and anger and sadness. And it emanates from a world of people who just aren’t able to accept one another.

Everyone is different on the outside. But on the inside, we are all the same. We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are. When we separate people from ourselves, we perpetuate the problem. When we lash out at others, we make it unsafe for people to be who they are. When we argue at the root of the problem, we lose sight that it actually lives in each and every one of us.

What we need to focus on is acceptance and love. Love of every color, every preference, every gender, every origin, every being. Love of every single person. This is what we need to practice ourselves and teach to our children. This is the type of modeling that can shift perspective. This is the type of work that can come from each and every one of us.

So feel the pain, the anger, the sadness, the frustration — and then go out and give people that love. Smile at strangers. Look people in the eyes. Ask people how they are doing. Treat everyone the same way and find peace in the vulnerability we share. Look for the best in others. Show people they don’t have to be afraid. Because the reality is we are all struggling, all looking for acceptance, all just wanting to belong.


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