Hi, it's me.


Originally posted here on Medium.com


I am here because I need to stop being afraid. Stop being afraid of writing, of what people think, of what Iโ€™m supposed to be doing.

I am here because I have a story to tell. Because I have learned things and grown from experiences that others gain courage from.

I am here because I write every single day. Because itโ€™s the only way I can express myself, the core of who I am - and I want to give it to the world.

I am here because I seek fulfillment. Because what brings me meaning is expressing myself, and helping others to see things differently.

I am here because I know that it is right. Because I believe I was given these qualities and experiences as gifts, to create something out of and to share.

I am here because I feel authentic. Because after years of trying to be someone I wasnโ€™t, I have finally found and fallen in love with my true self.

I am here because I connect to others. Because people are going through similar things, facing similar challenges - and I donโ€™t want them to feel alone.

I am here because I believe in the journey. Because no matter how painful growth and change can be, getting through them is the only way to find the really amazing parts of yourself.

I am here because I hope to inspire. Because if I can help one other person align with themselves and find their true purpose, I will consider my life a meaningful success.