I like being human

I like being human. I like that I can feel. That I can bleed. That I can cry. That I can heal. 

I like knowing I can learn. Knowing I can take risks. Knowing that I make mistakes. 

I like that I can evolve as a person. That I can grow and expand my point of view. That I can relate to new types of things and accept new types of people.

I like being able to give of myself. To share my stories and be there for others. To help those who need it and inspire those who don’t.

I like that I can do my own thing and not ask for permission. That I am independent. That I can experiment. That I can be whoever I want to be.

I like that I can make space for the things that I love. That I can spend more time doing things that make me happy and less time doing things that hold me back.

I like knowing that I can love with the fullest of heart. That I can be vulnerable. And honest. And full of devotion. That I can live without regret and love without loss.

I like being able to wander. To adventure and be spontaneous. I like doing things I’ve never done before and I like not knowing where things may lead.

I like that I can be a romantic. That I am intelligent and quick witted but a dreamer at heart. I like that I can lose myself in nature, in words, in ideas. That I can wax poetic and get philosophical.

I like that I can make choices for myself. That I can choose a perspective on how I want to live. That I can be happy with what I have and find grace in what I don’t.

I like that I can be changeable and unique. That nothing is ever really clear to me and there are rarely absolutes. I like that I can entertain myself with endless possibilities.

I like knowing that the universe is on my side. That I can trust God to give me the lessons I need to learn and trust in my intuition to follow the right path. 

I like to feel like I’m here for a reason. That I was given this time and granted these gifts to serve some kind of purpose. I like that life is a journey and that I’m still figuring it out.

I like that I can savor the moment and surrender to the unknown. Revel in mystery and ground it in truth.

I like being human. I like that I am here. That I can live. That I can breathe. That I can die.

I like that I can have faith in something bigger than myself.

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